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Linux Things I Learned Today

What fun things did I learn today? Let me see…

  • Intel based ICH7 chipsets are not fully supported in the linux kernel until kernel version 2.6.11. With additional features added in 2.6.15.
  • The Debian Installer is based on the 2.6.8 kernel, and therefore can not install on to hard drives attached to the ICH7 chipset (at least in SATA2 mode, which is the whole point).
  • The northbridge chipset on the MSI 945GM2 motherboard is OMG HOT! (I have the burn marks to prove it.)
  • Motherbards are moving to a new auxillary power connector (in addition to the ATXv2.0 spec). This new connector is called an EPS12V connector and consists of an 8 pin connector for 12V power to the CPUs.
  • The EPS12V power connector seems to be standard on most “Cedar Mill” (Intel’s new 65nm fab CPUs) “Ready” motherboards. Where as most power supplies do not yet have this connector.
  • The case I buy do not have the EPS12V connector on them – which made me sad.
  • The standard 4 pin 12V connector that is standard now on most power supplies DOES work in the EPS12V plug – which make me happy.
  • SATA2 (SATA 3.0Gbps) can be used in “comptability mode” in the BIOS, but it makes them SLOW.
  • The default kernel installed with Debian doesn’t support over 1GB of RAM. You must install another kernel if you have more than 1GB of RAM.

I think that about covers what I ran into today. Just some random facts that might help somebody some day.