I Have to Vent

I have a customer that I am supposed to be migrating from one server to another server due to their current server being hacked (PHPBB hack… it really is sad how easy it is to do this… and even more so how easy it is to prevent it).

Anyways, I attempted to migrate the server earlier this week, but the install of the latest version of Ensim on the new server went horrifically wrong (in case you are wonder Ensim is the WORST control panel software for webhosting ever created. It is slow, poorly documented, poorly supported, and the company uses all of these facts as a profit center to charge you $150 per hour for anything that goes wrong in their shit hole software — but I digress.)

Long story short, I spent about 8 hours on trying to get Ensim to install after the previous install went down in a giant flaming fireball of crap and python exception tracebacks. I threw in the towel and told one of the other techs to reimage the drive and give me another server…

First there was a problem with the drive images, so they had to be corrected. Then they took the servers to the data center and put them online… only nobody bothered to check to see if they were actually online or not… and of course… they weren’t. So…

They finally got the servers online today… Cool! I am getting ready to get started on my Ensim install, but I am going to take every precaution known to man to prevent the massive shit storm that happened last time. So I set the hostname of the server, setup the hosts file (/etc/hosts) to point to the local IP address for the server. I even threw a reboot at the server, just to make sure everything was all set. So I reboot the server and wait. And wait. And wait… The damn thing never came back online. I am furious.

I tried everything I could think of, accessing it via the router, neighboring servers, changing the vlan of the ports to see if it was a routing issue. NOTHING.

I would hard reboot the server is somebody had bothered to tell me which power switch port the server was on, but I don’t even have that. So here I sit… 3:00am in the morning. With my proverbial thumb up my ass.

Okay, well we will give this another try tomorrow, but for now bed is calling.

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