Neat SSH Tricks Using SCP

OpenSSH has some great programs that come bundled with it. One specifically I use on a regular basis is scp which stands for Secure CoPy. And it does exactly what its name says it does. It copies a file securely via an SSH tunnel between two machines (that both have SSH running).

You can use scp to copy a file from the a local directory to a remote directory, or a remote directory to a local directory, or even from a remote directory to another remote directory, which is pretty handy for the lazy.

Here is an example of how to use scp to copy a local file to a remote server:

scp ./somelocal.tar.gz

Pretty handy… Now here is how you do a remote file to a local directory using scp:

scp ./

Simple. Now lets go a step further… Remote to remote file copy with scp:


SSH is more than just a replacement for Telnet, it is a mutlipurpose suite of tools that will make your life easier once you become familiar with them.

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